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Attn: Models

Are you currently manifesting a brand deal with your favorite brand?

I’m here to help you make that happen!

My name is Christina and I’m Professional Photographer based out of Los Angels. I work with models to help them elevate their portfolios and accomplish their industry goals. A lot of models have told to me, “My dream is to work with ___ brand one day!” In the spirit of making dreams come true, I’ve done a lot of studying and strategizing to figure out the most effective way to reach brands and convert a pitch to a partnership. I’ve learned that the best way to book a brand deal is to create a mock ad campaign of that brand (or one similar). By presenting a brand with a finished product at the start of your pitch, you don’t have to leave it up to their imagination to figure out what their return on investment would be like. It’s the best way to stand out amongst a sea of competitive models, and it demonstrates your commitment to the work, not just to the idea of you and ‘said brand’ in partnership. It also shows them that you are cognizant of their main goal, sales, and if they feel inspired to purchase their own product from your mock ad campaign they can be confident that their clientele will feel the same.

Photo and video shoots that are brand specific are the most effective way to showcase a brand’s aesthetic without the cacophony of competing brands having different conversations in one look. Featuring one brand transforms the entire shoot from just a portrait shoot with a cool outfit into an advertorial shoot with legitimate commercial value. Commercial value translates to booking potential for models, so by focusing your portfolio on brand specific shoots you will then be able to book those high-end brand deals much quicker and easier.

These photos and videos are also great for social media marketing because they represent the kind of work you want to book, which then generates an algorithmic response and increases relevant traffic to your social pages. By attracting brands with similar clientele, you can more easily book across a brand category because you’ve already demonstrated that you can reach that target market successfully.

Creating a mock ad campaign does require an investment, but at the end of the day it’s the best way to strategically secure those legitimate brand deals and more expeditiously see the investment pay-off. I want to see you booking work consistently with a variety of brands, and I hope that this strategy will help you channel the results that you are looking for.

I’d love to get your mock ad campaign shoot in the calendar so you can start booking paid brand shoots as soon as possible! Reach out to me and we can make all the magic happen.


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