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Ground Level Studios Photoshoot

This is a few months overdue, but I wanted to create a quick blog post to share about the photoshoot event at Ground Level Studios that Brian Torres and I hosted in July! Each model brought their own unique magic to the shoot and it felt so good to help cultivate such positive creative energy. One of my biggest goals as a photographer is to use my craft to elevate models and help them to reach their goals— whether it be getting signed to an agency, getting published in a magazine, or booking that dream brand campaign — I feel most accomplished when I’m helping people nurture their ambitions and explore their full potential. I really want to make an impact and encourage people to rise to the occasion of their dreams!

I'm always thinking about ways that I can organize great photoshoot experiences and bring more value to my clients that goes beyond delivering an excellent gallery of photos. I've found that shooting in a curated space inspires better creative content that stands out in a working portfolio. Shooting in niche studios is a strategic way to capture the attention of casting directors and booking agents, and to gain social media exposure. This leads to professional momentum as a working model, and contributes to the fruition of a dream career.

There are so many unique studios available for rent on Peerspace that are perfectly designed for photoshoots, and Los Angeles is definitely a hot-spot for finding exceptional spaces. These studios aren't cheap, but it's important to realize that the cost of the studio directly translates to the perceived value of the content that's created there. In other words, shooting in these luxury studios elevates the value of your portfolio which then allows you to raise your rates and book more jobs. With this in mind, I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to share the cost of the studio space and work on different sets simultaneously. This allows each model and photographer to get as much portfolio value as possible out of the collective booking time.

I've had my eye on Ground Level Studios for a while now because of the incredible set variety and it did not disappoint! We had three photographers (myself included) and five models in attendance, the perfect number of people to take advantage of all of the unique sets at the studio and get a few outfit changes in as well.

For those of you who are interested, here's the equipment list of what I brought with me to the shoot (click for purchase link):

Check out some of my favorite shots below!

I think we can all agree that everyone showcased some serious talent! It's hard to not drop the whole gallery in this post, there are so many good shots to choose from. A huge thanks goes out to Brian Torres for helping me organize, market, and host this event! And thanks so much to everyone who came out and brought their authenticity and positive energy to the shoot. I had a blast creating with everyone and I'm so proud of what we were able to accomplish together.

I'll be hosting several more photoshoot events in the near future, so if you missed this one there will be plenty more opportunities to come. If you have any ideas for the next one don't hesitate to reach out and we can make it happen!

Thanks for reading, friends!

All the love,


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